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WJBTN has been serving local area businesses and institutions since January 2010.

WJBTN’s transport network spans from Moosonee along the Western James Bay Coast through Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat. It consists of 12 fiber optic strands along the entire route. WJBTN provides a dedicated, redundant Gigabit of fiber optic transport between Moosonee and each community utilizing DWDM and ethernet technologies.

WJBTN has a point of presence within each community that is co-located within the Five Nations Energy Telecom Shelters located within each community. Within each carrier class environmentally controlled telecom shelter we utilize a Carrier Class DC Power systems to provide redundant DC power to WJBTN electronics. In the event of power outages, WJBTN equipment will continue to operate for a mininimum of 24 hrs.

WJBTN can deliver high bandwidth solutions within the communities of Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany via fiber optics that have been placed into all key institutions and major businesses located within the communities.

WJBTN recently completed construction of a new tower in Kashechewan, and colocates on existing towers located in Attawapiskat and Fort Albany.

WJBTN has local technicians available in each community to provide installation and troubleshooting services. In addition WJBTN has partnered with an external company to provide remote monitoring as well as management services for the network with 24 hr customer support.